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PAR 2021 @ Antwerp

  • 22 - 23 June 2021
  • 1.00pm (CET) - 5.00pm (CET)
  • Virtual

Heads of Delegation

  • Capt. Maktoum Al Houqani
    Capt. Maktoum Al Houqani

    Chief Corporate Authority Officer & Acting Head of the Maritime Cluster, Abu Dhabi Port

  • Captain K. Subramaniam
    Captain K. Subramaniam

    General Manager, Port Klang

  • Dr. Noritaka Hasegawa
    Dr. Noritaka Hasegawa

    Director General, Port and Harbor Bureau, Kobe

  • Mr. Allard Castelein
    Mr. Allard Castelein

    Chief Executive Officer, Port of Rotterdam Authority

  • Mr. Fang Huaijin
    Mr. Fang Huaijin

    Vice President, Shanghai International Port Group

  • Mr. Fernando Biral
    Mr. Fernando Biral

    Chief Executive Officer, Port of Santos

  • Mr. Gene Seroka
    Mr. Gene Seroka

    Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles

  • Mr. Henrik Pedersen
    Mr. Henrik Pedersen

    Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Associated British Port

  • Mr. Ho-chul Park
    Mr. Ho-chul Park

    Vice President, Busan Port Authority

  • Mr. Jacques Vandermeiren
    Mr. Jacques Vandermeiren

    Chief Executive Officer and President of the Executive Committee of Antwerp Port Authority

  • Mr. Jens Meier
    Mr. Jens Meier

    Chief Executive Officer, Hamburg Port Authority

  • Mr. Lou Binzheng
    Mr. Lou Binzheng

    Deputy Director General, Ningbo Municipal Port Administration Bureau

  • Mr. Mario Cordero
    Mr. Mario Cordero

    Executive Director, Port of Long Beach

  • Mr. Martin Imbleau
    Mr. Martin Imbleau

    President and CEO, Montreal Port Authority

  • Mr. Mehdi Tazi-Riffi
    Mr. Mehdi Tazi-Riffi

    Chief Executive Officer, TANGER MED Port Authority

  • Mr. Santiago Garcia Mila
    Mr. Santiago Garcia Mila

    Deputy General Manager, Port of Barcelona

  • Mr. Soren Toft
    Mr. Soren Toft
    Guest Speaker

    CEO, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

  • Mr. Tan Chong Meng
    Mr. Tan Chong Meng
    Guest Speaker

    CEO, PSA International

  • Mr. Xin Ye
    Mr. Xin Ye

    Inspector, Shanghai Port

  • Ms. Christiana Figueres
    Ms. Christiana Figueres
    Guest Speaker

    Founding Partner, Global Optimism

  • Ms. Quah Ley Hoon
    Ms. Quah Ley Hoon

    Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

  • Ms. Stephanie Jones Stebbins
    Ms. Stephanie Jones Stebbins

    Managing Director - Maritime, Port of Seattle

  • Ms. Yue Yuan
    Ms. Yue Yuan

    Deputy Director-General, GuangZhou Port Authority

About PAR 2021 @ Antwerp

The 6th Edition of the Port Authorities Roundtable was held virtually on 22 and 23 June 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the 6th Edition originally scheduled to be held in October 2020 was postponed.

Discussions at PAR2021@Antwerp focused on the role of ports in the global supply chain and their leveraging function to impact energy transition, climate change and the digital evolution.

Topics for discussion include the 3D’s:

  • Disruption;
  • Digitalisation; and
  • Decarbonisation.

Held In

The Antwerp Port Authority has a key role in the port's day-to-day operation. The 1,650 workers make sure the port functions and can grow. The Port Authority manages and maintains the docks, the bridges, the locks, the quay walls and the land. The personnel is also responsible for safe shipping traffic in the docks, the bridges and locks. In addition, the Port Authority provides tugs and cranes, carries out dredging work and promotes the port at home and abroad. With a view to the future, the Port Authority is working on the port's sustainable development and innovation.

The Port of Antwerp is a gateway port in Belgium to the European hinterland, via the North Sea. Antwerp is the biggest port area in the world. Over the centuries, the area grew to exactly 12,068 hectares, or about 20,000 football fields. Port of Antwerp has two terminals, with the first built on the right bank. The North sea terminal and the Euro terminal were the first two in front of the locks. This made the port that little bit bigger again. On the left bank, without a lock, a new dock of no less than 4.5 kilometres was built on the river side too: the Deurganck dock. The largest tidal dock in the world, this is also one for the record books. The Deurganck dock will soon have a twin brother. Shipping continues to increase in scale, while container traffic continues to grow year on year. To continue playing its role as an international port and economic engine, the port of Antwerp must grow with it.

In 2020, Antwerp port handled 12m TEUs.

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